Planning A Backyard Wedding? 5 Planning Steps That Will Make It Rock

A backyard wedding can be an excellent way to save money and have a more intimate venue for your nuptials. But even though these weddings are pretty low key, they can still require some planning that other venues don't call for.

To help you plan the best day possible, here are five must-do tips for a home-based wedding.

Spruce Up the Yard. Start greening up your yard long before the big day, because it may take some time. Fertllize the lawn and prune all the bushes and trees. A layer of fresh mulch in flower beds and around trees gives them an instan makeover. Bring in lots of flowers, both planted in the ground and in moveable pots. Container blooms make it easier to decorate your wedding cheaply. 

Plan for Logistics. Give some thought about how you want guests and bridal party members to move around your property. How much do you want them entering and hanging out in the house? Which bathrooms will be accessible, and do you need to rent more? Where will they park? Do you need shuttle services from a larger parking area? Plan traffic flow, thinking like a party guest, so that their needs will be easily met throughout the day. 

Rent a Backup Plan. Because your backyard isn't a regular venue for parties, you may want to over-plan your party rental equipment. Weather can quickly change, for instance, and having party rentals such as a tent or some outdoor heaters handy can be a party-saver. Be sure to rent more chairs than you think you'll need, as well as extra food warmers. 

Talk to Neighbors. Make sure your neighbors understand that you will be having a wedding and might cause some noise and traffic. Being upfront with them helps alleviate problems before they begin. Be clear about the length of the wedding, how many people will attend, and how you've arranged to mitigate inconvenience for all. 

Keep Things Light. Don't micromanage the entire backyard wedding with a focus on all the details. You probably don't have a staff and lots of backup options like regular wedding venues do, so you can't expect the same level of perfection. Instead, focus on the things that are most important to you, and don't sweat the small stuff. 

By renting plenty of equipment, planning the strategy of using your home, and keeping your expectations more casual, you can throw the wedding of your dreams right in your very own backyard. 

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