Want A Destination Wedding But Your Budget Is Saying No? How To Get The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Breaking Your Budget

If your perfect wedding plans say "destination wedding" but your budget is saying no, it's time to take a closer look at your budget. Destination weddings don't have to be budget-breaking events. In fact, with some careful planning, and attention to details, you can have the destination wedding you've always wanted, without breaking your budget, or going into debt. Here are four simple strategies you can utilize to have a beautiful, budget-friendly destination wedding.

Avoid the Tourist Seasons

Just about every place you'd think to go for a destination wedding has a tourist season; that time of year when the weather is perfect and the tourists arrive in droves. There are a couple problems with planning a destination wedding during tourist season. First, everything will be booked, and over-crowded. Second, everything will be more expensive because you're trying to book during the busiest time of the year. If you're willing – or able – to wait a few weeks, or a few months, you can get the destination you've wanted for the price you can afford. If you absolutely can't reschedule your wedding for a different time, choose a location that's just as beautiful, but not as popular. For example, choosing a lesser-known island in the Bahamas will get you the same beautiful location and weather, without the touristy price.

Plan a Destination Wedding/Honeymoon Combo

If you really want a destination wedding, but your budget's only going to allow for travel to one location, make it a wedding/honeymoon combo. Choose a location where you'd want to get married and spend your honeymoon. That way, you're only paying for one destination, but you're getting double the enjoyment out of it.

Go for the Discounts

If you're trying to plan a budget-friendly destination wedding, you need to take advantage of as many discounts as possible. Most resorts and airlines provide discounts for a wide variety of reasons. In most cases, you'll be able to get group discounts if your wedding party is big enough. You can also get discounts on your hotel accommodations if you belong to specific professional groups. When planning your destination wedding, don't forget to ask about all the available discounts.

Work With a Planner

If you're trying to plan your wedding by yourself, you need to hire a wedding planner, especially if you're trying to stay within your budget. You might think that hiring a planner will take too much out of your already-tight budget. However, the opposite is actually true. Your wedding planner is going to know where to go, and who to talk to, to get you the best discounts, the best prices, and the best accommodations for your special day.

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