Want A Small And Private Wedding? Find A Venue That Fits Well

Weddings can range from tiny with no guests to enormous with over a thousand guests. While you may have gone to weddings in the past that ranged in size and had a positive experience, you may know that the wedding you want to have is small, private, and intimate.

It is easy to have a small and private wedding with a courthouse ceremony. But, it may not have the charm and memorability that you would like to have when you look back on your wedding. You will want to focus on certain qualities to find a wedding venue that meets your needs.

Away from Other Weddings

Some companies have multiple venues that are used for weddings at any given time. For certain couples, this is perfectly fine if the reception rooms are close by and some noise comes through. But, you may want to have a wedding that is away from any other weddings taking place.

This will maximize the privacy that you get with your ceremony and reception. It is an ideal scenario when the venues have separate parking lots so that the cars are only from your guests.

Small Rooms or Areas

It is understandable why a venue may have a large room or area for ceremonies and receptions so that they can accommodate large numbers. But, you should not hesitate to look around until you find venues with rooms that are limited in size by intention. This will allow the place to feel intimate while you are being wed during the ceremony or spending time at the reception.

No Public Viewing

When you are getting married, it may be hard to pay attention to anything other than your spouse and the incredible experience that you are having. But, you may feel a little uncomfortable if your ceremony or reception is in a place where public viewing is possible. It can take away the private feeling that you deserve to have if you want it for this special day.

This means that you will want to stray away from venues in public locations. For instance, you can find a private vineyard or a barn on a large property where it is easy to keep private.

It is worth taking your time while looking for a wedding venue to make sure that you give each one a proper analysis. Comparing venues with these details will help you make the right choice. Contact a venue, like Rainbow Gardens, to get started.

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