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If your heart is set on a big wedding and reception with a large guest list full of friends and family members, beginning the planning process may seem like a daunting task. From picking the perfect dress and venue to creating a delicious menu, there are many things to consider. The good news is that hiring a professional wedding event planner will make the journey to "I do" much easier and enjoyable.

Before deciding on the right wedding planner for your special day, interview a few to see if your ideas and visions match. If you loved how a particular friend's wedding and reception turned out, consider using the same event planner to get the same high-quality results. 

Wedding planners can handle almost every aspect of the wedding, no matter how seemingly insignificant or complicated, from start to finish. Depending on your wedding planning budget, you can hire a pro to handle every detail, or pick and choose the specific areas where you want a helping hand. 

Here is a sampling of services that wedding planners offer:

1. Venue Selection and Coordination 

One of the most important factors to consider when planning your wedding is where it will take place. Since there are an endless number of places you can hold it, such as churches, bed-and-breakfast inns, botanical gardens, vintage theaters, and even the beach, it may be helpful to brainstorm ideas with a professional planner.

After you've narrowed down your list of possible places, the planner can call them to arrange a site tour if possible, as well as help negotiate prices upon booking. If your dream venue isn't available on your big day, a planner can help you locate a similar space. 

2. Logistics and Decor

After the venue is reserved, it's time to think about logistics and decor. Knowing the size of your guest list, the planner can determine the appropriate amount of seating options needed at the venue. He or she can also present you a list of available options, such as formal dining tables and chairs, or picnic tables for a casual outdoor wedding, and arrange for a rental company to bring the items to the venue. 

An event planning company will also help you to create ambiance with themed decor items, such as elegant chandeliers, eye-catching table centerpieces, and glowing string lights. They can offer suggestions for table linens and chair cushions, which can add instant glamour to any space. 

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