Tips For Organizing Your Brand's First Corporate Event

If your brand is launching soon and you want to host your first corporate event so everyone can celebrate, then these tips will help you create a night people will be talking about for years:

Tip: Choose a Venue That Fits with Your Brand

The first thing you need to decide for your event is the venue where you will host it. While you can always rent a banquet hall and then outfit the space to fit with your theme, it's important to avoid venues that will seem out of place with your business itself.

For example, if your company makes high-end modern fixtures for homes, then hosting your event in a local country western themed restaurant will make your visitors scratch their head and wonder why you chose the restaurant as the venue.

Tip: Decide What Dining Style You Want for the Event's Food

Once you have a location secured, then you need to decide what dining style you want to use. For this, you have four different options:

  1. passed hors d'oeuvres
  2. table service
  3. family-style
  4. buffet-style

If your event won't include a meal, then passed hors d'oeuvres is always the best option. However, if you are having a meal, then a buffet or family-style meal will be less expensive than table service and will likely offer your guests more food choices.

If you are renting a banquet hall for your event, then the food part of the event may be the easiest for you to arrange. Many banquet halls have their own banquet hall catering services and in just a few minutes you can work out all of the arrangements with them.

Tip: Make Gift Bags for All of Your Corporate Event Attendees

Though you are inviting people to your event to celebrate the launch of your brand, it's always important to take advantage of every opportunity to get your name and products out into the world. One easy way to do this is to pass out gift bags to all of the attendees of your event. Custom print your logo on some shopping bags and then load each bag up with items from your company. As people walk around with the bags, they will passively advertise your business. 

Tip: Offer Childcare So Guest with Kids Can Enjoy the Event

While there will be a bit of an extra expense for your bran, if your event is happening in the evening or on a weekend, then make sure you offer childcare so people with children can attend guilt-free.

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