3 Benefits Of A Tent For Your Outdoor Event

Virtually everyone loves getting together for an outdoor party. Food, drinks, music, and people coming together almost always equals a good time. To ensure your party goes off without a hitch, you need to rent a party tent. Here are three ways this simple addition will make your party a success.

Protect Guests from the Elements

No one — not even the weatherman — can accurately predict the weather all the time. It doesn't matter if weather records say the likelihood of foul weather on a certain day is low. What matters is what happens to your event if the sky suddenly opens up and downpours.

You don't need a party tent just because of unexpected rain, either. Even when the weather is perfect for an outdoor get-together, sunny skies and extreme heat can take a toll on your guests. You don't want guests leaving early to avoid sunburn or getting heat exhaustion. A party tent will provide shade, and tent additions, such as giants fans, will also offer ventilation.

A Party Tent Will Protect You from Bugs

Nothing will guarantee there won't be any mosquitoes or flies, but when you have a party tent, you'll be less likely to deal with them than you would be out in the open. For maximum defense against bugs, rent a tent with walls and door flaps. This is especially important if your party will go into the evening hours as mosquitoes can become even more pesky once the sun goes down.

Breakup The Party Zones 

Many events are best suited for one large tent that is big enough to house everything under one roof. However, sometimes multiple tents make more sense. For example, if your outdoor party is for a wedding, having several tents can bring more order and cohesion to the event.

You can rent two small tents for the bride and her attendants to get ready in and another one for the groom and his groomsmen. This is especially important if your wedding plans call for a wardrobe change before the reception. A smaller tent can serve as the altar for the ceremony. 

Another small tent can be used to house portable potties, a handwashing station, and mirrors. This will afford privacy and make your guests feel more comfortable. It will also keep the portable toilets concealed rather than taking away from your wedding theme and the ambiance you worked so hard to create.

Larger tents can separately house the buffet line and dining tables from the dance area and bar. This will allow your guests to sit and enjoy quiet conversation, cake, and coffee if they aren't into dancing and drinking.

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