Turn A Corporate A/V Event Into A Grand Display

Corporate events serve many purposes. One popular reason for booking a hotel or exhibition hall for a company event involves debuting a new product. A computer or consumer electronics company often wishes to debut a new product with tremendous fanfare, as one or two products may need to carry the company's sales for the year. A speculator debut in front of employees, partners, and the media helps with marketing hype. A corporate audio visual rental service could create a spectacular debut display that makes the new product look special.

The Grandest and Boldest Display

Don't think that a corporate A/V display comprises of nothing more than still pictures projected on a screen. If the client so wishes, a skilled audio-visual producer could turn the show into something incredible. With a stellar mix of light and sound, those watching the product debut unfold on the screen might walk away impressed. A decent buzz could then result. A great display might get people talking positively, which can help publicity. And there are many ways to turn the show into something great.

A Multi-Screen Setup

Renting one large screen is fine, as this would mimic a traditional presentation in a movie theater. One attractive setup option involves presenting a "master" screen with several smaller screens off to the right and left side. When the event includes a large audience, this setup may be worth considering. Not everyone has a clear view of the main screen, so the secondary monitors let when watching the display. And then there's something beyond the functional aspect of the smaller sub-screens. The multiple displays contribute to the sought-after bold look.

A Stunning Display of Light

The A/V team can do more than dim the lights. Under the guidance of a skilled lighting director, the monitor's backdrop would bask in a mix of bright colors and appropriately placed shadows. Let's say the event heralds the arrival of a consumer electronics product hyping its environmental efficiency. The accompanying event light could involve several strategic changes from one shade of green to another. The result might be unforgettable.

A Big-Picture Goal

Conveying essential product and marketing campaign information could be the event's primary purpose. There is more to be done, though. Turning the informational reveal into a corporate theatrical production may get the product across as something special. Hopefully, the attendees will respond with the necessary enthusiasm to make it a hit.

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