4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Ballroom

Are you Planning a wedding? If so, then it may make sense to rent out a ballroom as your venue. Specifically, wedding ballrooms offer the versatility you need to host your ceremony, reception, or both in a dedicated space. Before you choose just any ballroom for your wedding, however, there are some important questions that are worth asking that can help inform your decision.

What's Included With The Rental?

Start by finding out exactly what's included when you rent out the ballroom versus what might cost you extra. In addition to the space itself, will the venue provide tables and chairs for your guests? You'll also want to find out exactly how much time is included with your rental and whether you'll be able to access the ballroom before the event to decorate.

Some wedding ballrooms may have their own on-site vendors that provide catering, music, and other services. If these are not included in your contract, make sure that your contract does permit you to hire your own outside vendors.

How Many Guests Can They Accommodate?

A cramped wedding venue is no fun for your guests, so make sure the ballroom you choose has plenty of space for you and your loved ones to move around. Any reputable ballroom event planner/coordinator will be able to tell you the maximum guest count that the space can accommodate based on your desired setup (plated/served meals, buffet, etc.) and dance floor size.

What Configurations Do They Offer?

Some ballrooms may be able to offer different configurations to suit your event. For example, if you'd like to hold your ceremony and reception in the same ballroom, your venue may be able to "flip" the space during a cocktail hour that is held in a space adjacent to the ballroom. Likewise, some venues may even have a separate outdoor space that can be used for ceremonies with an indoor ceremony space as a "backup" option for inclement weather.

Is There a Space to Get Ready?

One detail that couples often overlook when choosing a wedding ballroom is whether it offers a space for the wedding party to gather and get ready before the event. Having a space to relax and get ready can save you and your wedding party a lot of time and hassle on the big day, so this is a huge plus if your ballroom offers this.

By asking the right questions, you'll be well on your way to choosing a beautiful and practical ballroom for your wedding! Contact a company like Russo's On The Bay to learn more.

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