5 Ways To Create A More Natural-Themed Wedding

Nature as a wedding theme is a growing trend. How can you incorporate nature into your wedding decorations? Here are five simple, but effective, ways.

1. Bring In Greenery

Nearly all wedding decor includes flowers, but what about greenery? Greenery in the form of twigs and branches, leaves, grasses, and even dwarf trees or container shrubs all come together to make the wedding feel like it's happening in a beautiful garden — no matter where it really is. Greenery makes a great addition to ceremony arches, table centerpieces, runners, and cake table decor. 

2. Rent Natural Materials

Wedding rentals like chairs, tables, linens, and arches make a big impact on your natural theme. Look for natural wood and wood tones instead of industrial metals and plastics. Look for table linens that have a more organic weave and texture, even if this is achieved artificially. And emphasize natural elements in your escort cards, favors, and signage. 

3. Choose Natural Hues

Flowers come in a wide variety of colors, which makes them ideal for wedding decor. However, many of these bright shades may not add to the naturalistic feeling you're looking for. Opt for more relaxed hues, neutral shades, and pastels like pink, mauve, pale blue, yellow, or cream. 

4. Use Organic Placement

Nature isn't neat and tidy, nor is it symmetrical. There are few straight lines. By incorporating this same free-flowing feeling in your wedding design and layout, you recreate nature more successfully. Place containers of plants unevenly throughout the venue. Craft winding paths through its various elements. And don't be too meticulous about how flowers and greenery are arranged. 

5. Add Foods in Design

Fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods are all part of nature. They can also serve as more than just a meal on a plate. Use fruits, herbs, berries, and even vegetables in floral and greenery arrangements. Use edible flowers on the cake. Make the buffet or table service a work of art. Create a signature cocktail using natural ingredients rather than artificial ones. Have fun with your food. 

Want more ideas for wedding decorations that come together to make up a natural theme? No matter what your budget, your wedding size, and your location, begin by consulting with wedding event and decoration professionals in your area. Together, you can find the right mix of nature and practicality to make the perfect day come true. Make an appointment today to get started. 

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