Ways To Dress Up Table Rentals For Special Events

No matter what type of special event you're holding, it's important to have enough tables and seating elements to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. If you don't own enough tables, or there aren't as many as you need at the event venue, you can rent additional ones through an event rental company. 

When it comes to deciding on what types of tables to rent for your event, you'll have plenty of options. Depending on the size of the venue and how many people you need to seat, you can choose from round, square, rectangular, buffet, and even half-moon-shaped tables. If the event has more of an after-hours cocktail bar feel, consider renting smaller, high-top tables to encourage conversation between guests, and to give the space an authentic look. 

Rental tables are easy to enhance with decor items for a personalized touch. Here are some ideas for dressing up the tables at your next special event:


A simple way to give tables instant visual appeal is with the right linens. If you're going for a simple, elegant look, you can't go wrong with traditional crisp white tablecloths. The neutral hue will coordinate with any event theme, such as winter wonderland, and blend seamlessly with other decorations. 

If you want to liven up the look, choose colorful tablecloths instead, or place bright runners down the center of each guest table. For instance, choose red and green runners for a Christmas party or turquoise and yellow runners for an island-inspired bash. 

You can also use coordinating placemats and cloth napkins to bring the look together. As a special touch, choose napkin rings that match, such as flower designs for a garden-themed soiree. Chairs are easy to dress up with matching cushions and tie-backs as well.


Another easy way to personalize rental tables is with eye-catching centerpieces. Depending on how much time you have and the size of your event budget, you can either make or purchase the table decorations. 

Floral arrangements make appropriate centerpieces for any type of event, and you can use either fresh or silk flower bouquets. Choose blooms that reflect the party theme, such as birds of paradise and hyacinths for a tropical vibe. For a holiday event, go with a traditional poinsettia arrangement accented by greenery. 

Other table centerpiece ideas include glass jars filled with colorful candies, candles in attractive holders, wicker baskets full of fragrant herbs, glowing lanterns, and glass apothecary jars filled with ornaments, seashells, and other decorative trinkets. 

Contact a table rental service to learn more. 

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