5 Questions To Ask When You Door An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Are you planning wedding venue site tours? If you're not sure what to ask as you walk through the space, take a look at the top questions that can help you choose the best outdoor wedding reception venue.

What Dates Are Available?

Don't fall in love with a wedding reception venue that you can't have. If the wedding event center doesn't have availability on your best or only date, cross the venue off your list. This is the first question you should ask—ideally before you begin the tour. Along with the date, ask the venue's staff or event space manager about the availability of your preferred time. This eliminates the need to change your dream dinner reception to a brunch bash.

Is There An Indoor Space Available and Is It Part of the Tour?

You're looking for an outdoor wedding venue. Even though you have your heart set on this type of natural setting, the weather may not cooperate. While a tent can block out a sprinkle, it won't stop a major storm and isn't a viable idea during lightning or high winds.

As you tour the venue space, ask to see an indoor option. This can help you to visualize your big day and plan for an unfortunate turn of weather-related events.

What Are the Evening or Night-time Lighting Options?

An evening outdoor wedding comes with lighting challenges. Unlike the mid-day version, a night-time ceremony or reception won't include the sun's natural light. If you are planning an evening event, ask the venue's staff to show you lighting options during your tour. They may have photos of other night-time events, strands of lights, fixtures, or a description of the options for you to choose from.

What Decorative Elements and Accents Are Available?

Exterior lighting isn't the only decorative element your wedding ceremony or reception needs. The wedding center may provide decor for events or they may allow couples to bring in their own vendors. If the outdoor wedding venue has its own exterior decor or a planning and design pro, ask to see examples of the setups. This can help you to decide if the venue matches your wedding style.

Where Will the Guests Park?

How accessible is the outdoor part of the venue to the parking lot? Your guests won't want to hike through fields or walk along gravel-filled paths in high heels and dress shoes. Older guests (such as grandparents) and those who have special mobility needs will also need parking that is near the ceremony or reception area. 

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